ULTIMATE SPA SET: For you and your loved ones


    Ultimate Spa Gift

    What's Inside:
    • Retinol Serum: helps eliminate and reduce signs of aging
    • Vitamin C Serum: is a potent antioxidant that promotes collagen production and brightens your complexion
    • Hyaluronic Acid Serum: increases skin elasticity and even out skin tone
    • Jade Gua Sha: provides better circulation, improves lymphatic drainage, alleviates acne and rosacea, and reduces dark circles under the eyes
    • Scented Candle: induces calm and helps to alleviate symptoms of stress, with the ability to lower cortisol
    • Bath Bomb: uplifts your mood with fragrance and hydrates skin with added softeners
    • Shower Steamer: creates an amazing, aromatherapeutic experience and can relieve congestion
    • Upscale and beautifully packaged, it makes a wonderful gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.
    • Feel pampered with quality serums, guasha, shower steamer, bath bomb, and candle to melt stress away